Lice Treatment Pricing

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When you arrive, we will first perform a head check and provide a diagnosis.  We will discuss which lice treatment option will be best for you.  You always have the option of a “do it yourself kit” as well.  Visit our products page to see our whole line of products.

  • $50/Family
  • Waived with Treatment
AirAllé™ Partial Treatment
$135Per Person
  • 30 Minute AirAllé™
  • Oil Treatment
  • Comb Out Done on Your Own

Comb Out Only
$95per Hour
  • Recommended for:
  • Children Under 4 years old
  • Light Cases
For guarantee to be valid all family members in household must be checked, and need to come in for a re-check. Extra long, curly or thick hair may not qualify or may incur an extra charge than stated above.

Nit Wits Hair Care and Lice Removal Products

Nit Wits offers a variety of products for you to use throughout your lice treatment. Our products are chemical free and contain no pesticides. Using the Nit Wits products will help with eliminating head lice and keeping it out of your hair.

Specifically our Oil treatment stops active lice in their tracks through suffocation and preparing your hair for the combing process. The Nit Wits Mousse uses enzymes to dissolve the glue that holds the nits (eggs) to the hair shaft. Our special Nit Wits Terminator Comb is the ultimate weapon to fight head lice and their eggs. The revolutionary Stainless Steel Comb drags nits out and destroys them!

Using these products along with our shampoo, conditioner and detangler, you can keep your family lice free.

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