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Journals Help Kids Express Themselves

August 31, 2018

As parents, we truly treasure our children. We want to know what things they love, what makes them happy, how they are learning and growing in life. One excellent way to help your child deal with the everyday stresses we…

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Head Lice Spikes At Back to School

August 23, 2018

As kids head back to school over these next few weeks, we see a significant spike in head lice outbreaks. This is due to the fact that more children are spending time together throughout the day. Each year our offices…

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Five Things You Should Clean for Head Lice

August 15, 2018

Every parent can fall into deep cleaning mode when they discover one of their children has head lice. We understand that you can go a little crazy wanting to make sure your home is free of the pesky critters! Just…

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Head Lice a Common Problem for Kids

August 10, 2018

Finding out your child has a head lice infection can cause many questions to flow through your mind. How did my child get head lice? How common is this problem? Where can I turn for real answers? Our lice clinic…

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