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from our amazing clients

Over 950,000 successful treatments performed and here is what a couple happy customers have to say.

Fast friendly good people . Well worth every penny I would highly recommend them to all people. I think all the schools should know about them. I had never heard of them until a hair stylist told me about them when she found a big in my daughters hair. What a blessing these people are. Fast easy and recheck was free !! Way to go guys 110% pleased!*

Jeffery S.Louisville, KY

Very fast and efficient. wish I would have gone here when my daughter first got lice, would have saved us hours of combing at home and money on home products!*

Lori H.Louisville, KY

After hundreds of dollars spent on worthless prescription and over-the-counter so-called remedies, hours turned into days of combing and a near emotional breakdown, I came across an AirAllé provider. I happily went to her to receive “treatment” and wished I had known of her before I wasted so much time and money.*

Amber A.Louisville, KY

This place is a lifesaver. Our son got lice and it was a bad case. They fixed him right up!! The owner is so nice and knowledgeable. She couldn’t be nicer. Come here if you have lice!!

Five stars!!!*

Sophia A.Louisville, KY

Jessica was extremely professional and timely at Nit Wits. This business is awesome and even made an appointment the same day on my schedule. I would highly recommend!*

Jenni K.Louisville, KY