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Lice Treatment for Special Needs

Doctors offices, dentists, and medical clinics are generally not the most exciting place for kids to enter, especially a kid with autism or any other special need. NitWits – Lice Removal understands the importance of making all clients feel as safe and comfortable as possible. For kids who have sensory conditions, such as autism or down syndrome, Nit Wits has created a safe space to ensure their comfort and safety and welcome all families for lice treatment.   

Arriving at Nit Wits Lice Clinic

Upon entering our lice clinic as a child with autism, you will first enter into a waiting area. Before the appointment we will let your child walk around to get comfortable with the room. Our waiting room is full of books and toys to immediately help your child  feel safe and comfortable. One of our lice technicians will greet you and the child upon arrival, and this will give them an opportunity to explain the details of the lice process. A social story is available to be emailed before the appointment. Sometimes, it can be helpful for the technician to show the child our AirAllè device before getting started, either on a doll, a parent, or sibling. This is a good time to also show the tools that will be used in the process.

Lice Treatment Room and Process

Our lice treatment room is designed to make our patients with special needs feel comfortable, and to ensure the appointment goes smoothly. We have a safe area for pacing and stimming behavior. For children with sensitivity to smells, our technicians do not use heavily scented products during the lice removal treatment. Our trained clinicians can take as many breaks as your child needs, we just ask that you give us a heads-up about your child’s specific needs prior to the appointment so that we can plan our schedule accordingly. Additionally, we provide a distraction such as TV, a book, or game to keep your child occupied during the actual lice treatment.