Nit Wits Mint Spray


Nit Wits Mint Spray

  • Contains No Pesticides
  • Pleasant Peppermint Fragrance
  • Long Lasting Formula

Nit Wits Mint Spray is a peppermint oil based formula used to naturally ward off lice and their friends.

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Product Description


Lightly mist Nit Wits Mint Spray on hair giving special attention to the nap of the neck, crown of the head, and behind the ears. Nit Wits Mint Spray is safe to use on hats, clothes, helmets, backpacks, bed linens, furniture, etc. Use as often as needed.

Helpful Hint: Nit Wits Mint Spray is a preventative. It does not eliminate head lice. Use as a deterrent to repel lice by creating a barrier.


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Weight 8 oz


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