Nit Wits Oil Treatment


Nit Wits Oil Treatment

  • Contains No Pesticides
  • Stops active lice in their tracks
  • Pleasant Peppermint Fragrance

Nit Wits Oil Treatment causes suffocation of active lice while preparing the hair for the combing process.

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Product Description


  1. SHAKE VIGOROUSLY before applying to head.
  2. Massage Nit Wits Oil Treatment onto scalp with hair dry or damp. Leave product in while combing.
  3. Part hair into sections and comb from root to tip using the Nit Wits Terminator Comb.

Helpful Hints: We recommend following steps 1 – 2 then apply our Nit Wits Mousse while oil treatment is still on hair. This process dissolves the glue that holds the nit (eggs) to hair shaft for easy removal of head lice and their eggs. Begin step 3; if hair becomes tangled during the combing process apply a small amount of NitWits Conditioner for easy combing. Finally wash hair using our Nit Wits Shampoo.


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Dimensions 1.75 x 1.75 x 10.8 in


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