Home Lice Kit - Nit Wits Mousse
Home Lice Kit - Nit Wits Mousse

Nit Wits DIY Kit


Our Do-It-Yourself Kit contains Mousse, Oil Treatment and the Nit Wits Terminator Comb. Everything you need to get rid of head lice yourself.



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Product Description

Nit Wits Mousse
• Contains No Pesticides
• Safe for Repeated Applications
• Dissolves Nit Glue
• Advanced Foam Applicator
Nit Wits Mousse uses enzymes to dissolve the glue that holds the nits (eggs) to the hair shaft.

Nit Wits Oil Treatment
• Contains No Pesticides
• Stops active lice in their tracks.
• Pleasant Peppermint Fragrance
Nit Wits Oil Treatment causes suffocation of active lice while preparing the hair for the combing process.

Nit Wits Terminator Comb
The Ultimate Weapon to fight head lice and their eggs. Revolutionary Stainless Steel Comb drags nits out and destroys them!
• Safe and Effective
Can be used by the entire family.

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