Are Head Lice Getting Worse Throughout the Country?

Short Answer, Yes. Should you be horribly worried? No. There are several distinct reasons head lice are becoming a growing problem in the United States. In communities throughout our state of Kentucky alone we hear of multiple breakouts in school districts, daycares or areas that children frequent every day. Why is this problem rapidly sweeping through many towns and becoming harder to control?

Reason #1 – Super lice are taking over the head lice scene. Well known and previously trusted products that parents have used since the early 1990s to treat and prevent head lice are simply not working anymore. Why is that? Lice have developed over time some rather strong immunities to the main ingredient found in these products called pyrethrin. Pyrethrin is a chemical used in a variety of treatments that are used to kill live lice, not their eggs. For that reason, these harsh treatments have to be reapplied a second and sometimes third time to really be helpful. The immunities that super lice are showing to these shampoos and treatments is rendering them almost useless in the fight against head lice. This means more people are contracting head lice and having it for longer periods of time.

Reason #2 – Home remedies are not effective. With super lice being reported in 42 out of the 48 states tested, according to a recent study published by the Journal of Medical Entomology, a lot of parents are relying on these outdated, wives tale methods of eliminating the problem. Olive oil, mayonnaise, vaseline, and even more dangerous options like Vodka and kerosene. The Center for Disease Control clearly outlines that there are no pieces of evidence to prove these methods work against head lice. In fact, you may just be drawing out the problem causing it to worsen and spread to other friends or family members your child is near. The rumor is that suffocating out head lice with these products will work and you will be Scott free. Wrong. Even if you did suffocate the live lice, nits, or lice eggs will NOT be destroyed and you will have a new problem on your hands in 7-9 days when they hatch.

Reason #3 – Kids and their screen time are spreading head lice fast. Lice are passed onto other most often through direct head to head contact. Nowadays it is certainly common for children and young teens to spend hours with friends surfing the internet, playing games or texting one another. Selfies alone have started a whole new internet uproar that this generation of tech-savvy kids can truly appreciate. With so much time spent in close proximity, it is no surprise that head lice are being passed to more children more frequently.

Why shouldn’t you as a parent be more worried? Simple. The professionals at Lice Clinics of America are equipped with the latest, proven lice killing solutions for your families protection. The method we use is over 99% effective at killing lice AND their eggs, eliminating the problem head on without worry of a future infection from unhatched eggs a week down the road. Call our office today to speak with a professional about your situation. We are here to help!

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