Five Fast Facts About The AirAllé® Treatment

Lice Clinics of America is proud to offer the latest and most effective head lice treatment product that this country has ever seen. In fact, in 2015 the American Academy of Pediatrics changed their content on head lice treatment products. Due to new developments in the industry and a drastic increase in the spreading of “super lice”, head lice who show immunities to over the counter shampoos and treatments, the AAP recently recommended the use of our product.  

“The AirAllé® (Larada Sciences, Salt Lake City, UT) device is a custom-built machine that uses one 30-minute application of hot air in an attempt to desiccate the lice. One study showed that subjects had nearly 100% mortality of eggs and 80% mortality of hatched lice.”

Here is Why!

#1 – The AirAllé® Treatment is much safer than chemical shampoos.

Products were introduced to the market in the 1990s that contained an active ingredient Pyrethrum. Since then, many parents have abused these products through overuse and created a new generation of head lice that are proving to have built up immunities to the once-effective ingredient. This resistance often means that sometimes to try and compensate parents will use more shampoo, more often than recommended. This can result in dangerous consequences from misusing the product, often leading to pediatrician involvement.


#2 – The Treatment is Fast and Painless

Usually, the entire treatment process will take less than an hour. During this time the technician will go through sections of the hair, using the machine to apply hot air, directed at the scalp for short periods of time. This hot air is not intense enough to burn the patient. Rather, it is milder than a blow dryer and focuses the process on dehydrating all eggs and live lice on the scalp.


#3 – No Repeat Application is Necessary

When parents opt for the use of over the counter shampoos and various treatments, the direction indicates that the treatment is reapplied again 7-9 days later and than again two weeks to three weeks later. These annoying applications involve strong chemicals, intense smells, and the harsh chemicals can often impact sensitive skin on the scalp. Not to mention breathing in the harmful fumes. The AirAllé® process uses NO harsh chemicals, NO harmful fumes, and one application is all that is required. One hour of your time and your child is head lice free.


#4 – “Super Lice” Are Not So Super Compared to the AirAllé® Treatment

All across the country, a new breed of lice have been sweeping across elementary schools, daycare centers and anywhere children are found. These “super lice” are showing strong immunities to over the counter head lice shampoos. The AirAllé® device is designed to target head lice and their eggs by dehydrating them. Super or not, no lice stands a chance against our effective treatment.


#5 – Head Lice AND Eggs are both killed by the AirAllé® Treatment

Other treatments, such as shampoos and powders, often only kill the live lice on the scalp. For this reason, you have to reapply the product 7-9 days later when the new eggs have hatched. Then, yet again the next week to ensure all newly hatched head lice are killed. The science behind the AirAllé® treatment creates an environment on the scalp that effectively eliminates head lice and their eggs in a single treatment. No worrying about new eggs hatching and a whole new batch of head lice creeping up.


The Lice Clinics of America company is growing into one of the countries top lice treatment facilities. We have over 180 clinics nationwide and have helped hundreds of thousands of people eliminate head lice from their homes.

Contact Lice Clinics of America today with any questions or concerns you may have about your head lice problem.

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