Have You Talked to Your Child About Lice?

Here are some ideas on things to consider when letting your child know they have lice. This can be a tough scenario for parents and children alike as there is a lot of misinformation or rumors about lice that circulate schools and communities. Being prepared will help you as a parent make sure you handle the situation gently and positively.


Make sure that the child is able to stay calm by setting a calm example. You may feel like overreacting and making a scene but it’s obviously best to remain level-headed. If you act like the capable adult in the situation your child will trust you and feel like they are in safe hands. You may have to go take some deep breaths beforehand to compose yourself, but whatever you have to do to stay calm will benefit your child in the long run.


Give it to them straight and simple. Don’t overuse lengthy words and give elaborate explanations. Kids don’t care. They want to know directly what is happening and how you are going to help them. They want reassurance that the situation is normal and surmountable. Keeping things on a level playing field will help them get it.


Ask targeted questions to solicit a response. When some kids feel crummy or upset about a situation one way they deal with it is to clam up. Sometimes you can’t even tell something is wrong unless you are extremely aware of their behaviors and normal daily patterns.  Others won’t stop talking and acting out for attention. You will know immediately if something is making them unhappy.  One way to help either personality type is to ask very specific questions about how they are feeling or what they are wondering about the process. This gives them the chance to give specific answers and helps you sense how the child is doing emotionally.


Make sure they clearly understand the situation. As peers may blow things out of proportion or make them feel dirty or gross it is important children know this is a normal part of life. Even adults are known to stereotype and gossip about lice. It really doesn’t matter who you are, or where you came from. If the conditions are right, anyone can catch lice. Make sure they understand the steps you are taking to help them and why you are doing it. They will be happier and calmer throughout the process when they feel prepared. The unknown is often the most uncomfortable part of life.


These are all helpful things to keep in mind when your child has lice. Above all, just remember that you are the adult in the situation. They look to you for stability and safety. This situation is not any different. Our lice clinic is always here if you need a helping hand through this. Our professional staff specializes in taking the worry and stress of lice off of your hands.


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