Head Lice Increase During Halloween

Call it a spooky occurrence or a haunting tale, but we at Lice Clinics of America always prepare for a higher volume of head lice outbreaks during the Halloween season.

Why is Halloween a more vulnerable time for head lice outbreaks?

  • Children sharing costumes without thinking about the connection of head lice.
  • Children trying on or sharing masks at Halloween stores or with friends.
  • Children sharing or using wigs or hats that are part of their costumes.
  • Children spending a lot of time together is almost always part of the equation when it comes to head lice.


How can I protect my child against head lice this Halloween?

Make sure that children are not infected with head lice, to begin with. Doing a head lice screening on your own is an option. Our lice clinic also offers head lice checks for those who are unsure what to watch for. Begin by using a nitpicking comb and carefully search through your child’s hair for any indication of head lice.

Warning signs will include red bumps or bites, small yellow eggs on the hair shafts near the base of the scalp, itchiness and adult lice about the size of a sesame seed crawling through the hair.

Talk to your kids about being careful to not share witch hats, ghost masks, goblin robes or any other spooky costumes that could be carrying head lice. If your child takes a costume to school or a party with many other children, consider laundering the costume or disinfecting it before they wear it for the big Halloween night.

Once Halloween is over, make sure to do head lice screenings on your child to ensure you don’t see any signs of head lice.


What do I do if my child has caught head lice this Halloween?

First of all, keep in mind that head lice actually take about three weeks to start displaying significant symptoms. It takes a while for the nits, or lice eggs that are laid to begin hatching and a full infestation to actually start.

Second, remember that washing hair alone does not prevent or eliminate head lice. According to MedicoRX head lice are capable of holding their breath for up to eight hours. Water will not wash them away either, as they simply hold onto hair strands with the claw-like feet until they are safe again.

Thirdly, new super lice are sweeping the nation that show strong resistance to over the counter products. Lice Clinics of America is your best source for effective and affordable options that will kill head lice and their eggs once and for all.

Call our office today to speak with a professional lice expert. We can help your Halloween stay fun and not turn into your worst nightmare!


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