Head Lice Spikes At Back to School

As kids head back to school over these next few weeks, we see a significant spike in head lice outbreaks. This is due to the fact that more children are spending time together throughout the day. Each year our offices get busier with parents worried their children have head lice or could catch head lice from other children at school.


A few quick things every parent should know as you send your child off to school:

-Head lice are most commonly spread from direct head to head contact.

-Head lice do not fly or jump.

-Head lice can live for 48 hours off of a human host. If an article of clothing or item is carrying head lice within that time frame, anyone who uses it can become infected.

-Head lice symptoms often do not show up for up to three weeks after the initial infection.

-Super lice are showing strong immunity to over the counter shampoos. This is making them difficult to kill and they are spreading more quickly.

-Head lice is not a sign of bad hygiene. Anyone is at risk.

-Children who play on a sports team or share lockers are at a higher risk of catching head lice.

-Children between the ages of 3-11 pose the highest risk for catching head lice.

Teens and preteens are catching head lice more often because of super lice.

Adults that live with small children are more likely to catch head lice.


Symptoms of Head Lice to Watch For:

-Nits or lice eggs will be visible near the base of the scalp. Transparent in color, these eggs are stuck to a single hair strand with a secretion that makes them difficult to remove. They will not flake off like dandruff.

-Adult lice are difficult to spot as they scurry away from light. They are the size of a sesame seed and light brown in color.

Red bite marks, spots of irritation or soreness, and itching are usually the first signs of a head lice infection.

-Saliva and fecal matter from head lice can cause irritation and burning on the scalp as well.

-Look for traces of any head lice or nits on pillows or hair accessories of your child.


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