Holiday Toys That Will Be a Hit

Every child dreams of that perfect gift during the holiday season. With countless options to choose from it can make your head spin when you are searching for the gift they won’t forget. Here is a list of our top picks for 2017. Happy holidays from our family to yours!

For the Boys On Your Nice List

-Lego Boost Creative Toolbox. These toys will entertain for hours! The concept of Legos has hit a whole new level. Not only are they building their own toys, but now they also learn to code as they turn their finished lego creation into an interactive robot! These robots sing, dance, ride and even tell jokes. There is a free app that you can download onto any tablet or mobile device to control the robot. Educational toys have never been so fun!

-Battle Bots Family Game. This Balloon Bot family game brings out the competitiveness in anyone. Balloon Bots are compatible with any 7 inch balloon. The balloons are put inside a robot, placed in the ring and then the battle begins as players use the joystick to battle their opponent and see whose balloon pops first. This game is customizable and can be used with water balloons. The Balloon Bot device even ties the balloons for you as you refill for another round.  

-VRSE Virtual Reality Sets. Technology has never been more kid friendly. These gaming platforms are designed with kids in mind. They have full 360 degree graphics placing them in Jurassic World or Gotham City. The graphics show scenery and story lines that make you feel like you’re right in the movie. Your child will be so excited to get started by downloading the free app on your smartphone or tablet and see how fast they can fight off an angry T-Rex!

For the Girls on Your Nice List

-Luvabella Doll. This interactive baby doll is as close to the real thing as you can get. Her facial expressions and life like movements will make playing with her like a dream come true for your little girl. She baby talks over 100 words, can be fed with a spoon, consoled with a pacifier and even burped like a real life baby. She comes in any hair color with interchangeable clothing and hours of playtime fun.

-Hatchimals. The little girl in your life will unwrap a glittering egg and won’t be able to wait to see what surprise is waiting inside. The egg hatches only with her help and as she taps it, the unborn hatchimal will tap back. She can hold it to her ear and hear a heartbeat inside. Then it hatches to reveal an adorable new friend for her to interact with. These fun, heart warming creatures can learn to make silly sounds, walk, talk and dance. Your little girl will fall in love with her hatchimal.

-Watch Ya Mouth Family Game. This inexpensive party game will have your family rolling with laughter. Play along with your children as you take turns wearing a funny mouth piece and try to speak out phrases while your team takes a gander at what you are trying to say. It’s kid friendly and 100% family fun.

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