It’s a bird…It’s a plane… It’s a HEAD LOUSE!!


Discovering a head louse on your child is every parent’s nightmare. “How did this happen? What do I do? Oh my gosh, I’m so embarrassed!” This is a common first reaction to a head lice infestation. Please don’t be embarrassed or ashamed because it is not your fault at all. Your child simply got it from someone else. It is impossible to acquire head lice due to uncleanliness or bad hygiene. About 6-12 million kids get head lice a year. It is very common. How can you tell if they have head lice you ask? Luckily we are experts so we’ve got the answer.

Here’s how to check your child for head lice and what to look for:

Step 1:

Get under a bright light, whether it be a fluorescent light in your home or some sunlight on a sunny day, and grab a magnifying glass if you have one. These are the tools that will help to spot a small louse in the hair.

Step 2:

Part the hair into sections, then check the nape of the neck, the crown and behind the ears. This is where you’ll most-likely be able to spot a louse. Look for tiny nits (lice eggs) which look like little seeds stuck to the hair shaft, very close to the scalp. Empty shells left in the hair from hatched eggs are usually white and viable nits are darker in color. If you find one, try to move it with your finger. If it falls off or away from the hair, it is not a nit and you can be relieved. If you have to pull it down the hair shaft with your fingernails to remove it, and it feels like a seed between your finger and thumb, then it is probably a nit. If your child is within the first 3 weeks of having lice, you may not even see a live bug while checking.  It is most important to look for the nits because they are easier to spot.

Are you pretty sure they’ve got head lice? Shucks! Well, as your local head lice treatment provider, we can assure that we have the best treatment on the market. And we can spot a louse like a champ.

Our Unique AirAllé®  Treatment

The AirAllé®   is a revolutionary, FDA-cleared medical device that has changed the lice industry forever. While other treatments struggle to fight against super lice, the AirAllé®   does the trick every time. It uses dry and controlled heated air to dehydrate live lice and nits, killing regular lice and super lice just as effectively. So not matter how much lice mutate, evolve and become stronger, the AirAllé®   technique will always be an effective treatment. It was invented by a scientist and father at the University of Utah and has been a source of relief for many parents.

The AirAllé®   device was created specifically for the situation you might find yourself in and it is an easy, safe and effective option. We don’t use harmful chemicals of pesticides of any kind. Give us a call for questions.


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