Keep Kids Catching That Ball, Not A Case of Head Lice

Life for kids can be tough. As they grow and try to figure out life there is one thing that studies have shown can greatly impact their future for good. Team sports have proven to offer children a wide range of physical, emotional, and interpersonal benefits.  Every parent should know the benefits that team sports provide and consider getting their kids involved.


Benefit #1- A Boost In Self Esteem

Young children and especially adolescents sometimes feel uneasy about their talents or feel of little self-worth period. When a child like this participates in team sports they can learn to develop a skill, act as a group in a team effort, and these accomplishments help them to feel a sense of self-worth. As their skills develop they become more confident. This confidence can benefit them in all aspects of life like school work, social life, home life, and even later in life as they grow into adulthood.


Benefit #2- Develop Leadership Skills and Work as a Team

One of the most beneficial things a child can learn is to listen to directions and follow them. It is also essential in the workforce and through adulthood to be able to work with others that you may not normally get him along with. Sports involved with friends and classmates is an excellent way for them to practice this and learn this cooperative behavior. Some children may stand out as natural born leaders and help teammates, find opportunities to direct their classmates or learn to put the needs of others ahead of their own. Other kids will benefit greatly from learning to follow a coach’s instructions and work with teammates through drills and plays. 


Benefit #3 – Kids Need Friendship

Playing sports with other kids gives children an opportunity to develop friendships where sometimes they might not have occurred otherwise. When they spend time with their teammates learning a new skill, playing games, laughing and having fun this helps them to develop friendships that could possibly last a lifetime. Children need these relationships to feel support and confidence throughout their adolescence. It is important for them to develop friendships and feel that comradery between teammates. 


Benefit #4- Kids who Play Sports Learn To Be Active Adults

It is currently a problem in the United States that one out of six children are considered obese. The American Heart Association says that this generation of children is showing more signs of dangerous health problems that previously were only concerns for adults including high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and even type 2 diabetes. Children that are active in sports learn to play them and love them even into their adult years.


Benefit #5- Sports Are FUN!

No parents want their children permanently in front of the TV screen playing Xbox and watching Netflix. Being outside with friends kicking a soccer ball, throwing a football, or practicing gymnastics is an awesome way for them to interact with others, develop skills, make happy memories, and have fun being kids!


Keep Kids In The Game and Headlice Free!

  • Make sure that children know not to share hats, helmets, towels, jackets, or any other sports gear that they might be using with other teammates. These items could be harboring head lice or nits that are transferred to others.
  • Make sure that your children are not sharing lockers or gym bags with others. Teach them not to throw their belongings onto the large pile that collects at practice. Keep them separate and away from other belongings.
  • Personal hygiene is important after every practice or game. Make sure they thoroughly wash their bodies and shampoo their hair.
  • Direct head-to-head contact is the most common way for children to catch head lice. Help them be aware of this and as a parent watch for signs and symptoms of a head lice infestation.

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