Head Lice Effects 6 – 12 Million Kids Annually


Six to 12 million kids, ages 3 – 11 in the U.S. get head lice each year, and many tears are shed by kids and adults trying to get rid of them. Rx insecticides can be toxic and over the counter treatments may not work resulting in frustration. One of the biggest problems today is that lice have become resistant to over the counter products.

The AirAllé treatment given by our certified technician can help rid you of the head lice in your family. This treatment takes about 1 hour and involves 30 seconds of exposure from the AirAllé device to kill lice and eggs in a given area. By following a set pattern on the head, our trained operator takes approximately 30 minutes to expose all areas of a typical head with the AirAllé device. The treatment then includes a comb-out to remove dead lice and eggs. These post-device comb-outs usually take half an hour.

Our FAQ page provides you with the information you need to make the wise choice to rid your family of head lice. Contact us if you have any questions about head lice.

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