Summertime Boredom, BUSTED!

Parents and children alike love the summertime! More time to play in the sun, go on family trips, swim at the pool and spend your days together as a family. With so much time away from school, assignments, and recess, many kids have those days when all they can say is, I AM BORED! Beat the summertime boredom with a SUMMER ACTIVITY JAR!


Get an empty Mason Jar, and have your kids decorate the outside of the jar and the lid for summertime. Next, create a list of fun, easy and accessible activities to do indoors, outdoors and around your neighborhood. Print out the list and cut up the activities. Place them in the jar and VOILA! You have yourself an entire summer of boredom-busting activities any kid can enjoy. Here are some ideas for your jar, but be sure to get creative and think about your specific families hobbies and interest!



-Paint a picture

-Sidewalk chalk a mural of your family

Make slime

Make homemade playdough and build a zoo out of playdough

-Write a book of poetry

-Start a journal

-Write a book and illustrate it

-Learn to play an instrument

-Play Simon Says

-Make up a board game

-Bake a cake

-Go to a foreign restaurant

-Read a book about someone your age

-Read a book about someone much older than you

-Find a pen pal and write real letters to send through the mail

-Walk your dog or your neighbors

-Make homemade popsicles

-Make smoothies

-Make a homemade pizza

-Make homemade ice cream

-Face paint

-Tie-dye t-shirts

-Make paper airplanes

-Visit a petting zoo

-Camp in the backyard

-Make a silly selfies photo book

-Catch lizards and frogs

-Open a lemonade stand

-Bake brownies

-Climb a tree

-Dress up like a clown and perform some tricks to friends

-Make sock puppets and put on a puppet show

-Grow some sunflowers in a cup or outside in your garden

-Make a baking soda volcano

-Go on a picnic

-Visit an elderly person in your neighborhood

-Paint animals on rocks

-Start a bug collection

-Pick your mother a wildflower bouquet

-Make a time capsule

-Make a no-sew fleece blanket

-Build a birdhouse and leave some bird seed inside

-Make a scavenger hunt for your friends. Send them on it!

-Have a handstand contest

-Make homemade bubbles

-Play hopscotch and jump rope

-Invent a new language and speak it with your friends

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