Super Lice No Problem for Super Moms (or Dads)

All over the media parents hear a whirlwind of information about a new breed of lice infesting schools across the country. Super lice have shown up in 48 states across the United States and are proving difficult to remove as they have developed immunities to over the counter lice treatments with the main ingredient permethrin. Since the 1990s these chemical treatments have been the go-to source for parents whose children contract lice. Now, overuse of these products is rendering them useless as super lice have grown immune to their effects. In fact, if you read the directions on these products it clearly states that not only does the product NOT kill lice eggs, but you must reapply after 9 days and even 18 days to ensure killing all present lice.

There is a better way. A new, modern lice treatment has been developed that has opened a new world of possibilities to killing lice AND their eggs in one single treatment. The AirAllé device uses targeted heat to dehydrate and eliminate lice and their eggs. This treatment takes less than an hour and saves parents and children weeks of headache and stress.

Supermoms (and dads) everywhere also need to know the fundamentals of protecting their families against lice, super or not. Prevention is much easier than getting rid of lice once they have found their way into your home.

 Quick Tips to Keep Your Family Protected From Super Lice

 Perform Regular Scalp Checks on your Children. Using a nit comb search through your child’s scalp, dividing hair off into small sections. After combing through each section have a bowl of water ready or a dry paper towel to wipe off any traces of lice or nits. Look for yellow, oval, miniscule eggs that are laid at the base of the scalp. Lice will be brown in color and about the size of a sesame seed when fully grown. Early signs of lice include irritated, red skin and small traces of nits. It can take up to three or four weeks for serious symptoms to manifest, such as bite marks or live lice to be found. This is why catching the problem early on is so important to prevent spreading throughout the household.

Talk to Your Kids About Not Catching Head Lice. The last thing on a child’s mind when they are playing with friends is the danger of head lice. A parent’s explanation of how lice are spread and how to prevent it can go a long way in helping them to be more aware. Lice do not fly or jump. They are spread through direct contact to an article of clothing with eggs or live lice on them or another person’s head who has lice.  Specifically teach them not to share hats, helmets, hair brushes or accessories, hoodies, pillows, or anything else that touches the head. Try to help young teens understand that when they are using handheld electronic devices they should be cautious to not push heads together with other friends who are also viewing the screen.

Keep Kid’s School Gear Lice-Free. Take your child’s backpack, winter hats, gloves, scarves, coats, and any other articles they take to school regularly and wash them weekly. If articles cannot be washed, throw them in the dryer on a high heat setting for 20 minutes to keep them lice and nit free.

Get Informed About the Facts. Talk to our Lice Clinic to find out the details about super lice in your area and any outbreaks that may be currently affecting your community. Find out the facts about the best ways to eliminate lice and any products that do work that can help in prevention. If you hear rumors don’t be afraid to contact your local schools as well and know for sure what is going on.

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