Treating Lice With Coconut Oil

coconut oil

Of course, there’s no question that our AirAllé® lice treatment is the best treatment, but let’s talk about coconut oil for those of you who are still tempted to try home remedies. We understand that in the moment, it seems like the best option but it’s not. Going to a professional lice clinic is always the better option.

Coconut Oil Vs. Over-The-Counter

Coconut oil, combined with anise oil, is about 41% effective, while store-bought lice treatments are about 23% effective, according to a clinical study. Our AirAllé treatment is 99.2% effective. So, in comparison, over-the-counters are the least effective, coconut oil and anise spray are next and then our AirAllé is absolutely the most effective treatment.

Over the last few years, super lice have become extremely common in the US. Super lice are head lice that have built an immunity to chemicals that are present in many drugstore lice treatments. They will literally resist the chemicals in the treatments and not budge.

Coconut Oil Vs. Other Home Remedies

Coconut oil, mixed with anise oil works similarly to mayonnaise, olive oil and tea tree oil but is safer and a more effective. Even so, it is only 41% effective. coconut oil, mayonnaise and other oils work by trying to suffocate lice, while our treatment dehydrates lice.

We treat many patients who tried these home remedies but were unsuccessful at it. Mayonnaise and tea tree oil can be harmful while coconut oil is actually good for you and contains beneficial nutrients. However, you still run the risk of it not working. It’s quite a gamble with home remedies, while our AirAllé treatment kills lice and their eggs every time. The only thing worse than treating lice once is treating it twice, so call us up for a one-and-done lice treatment.

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