What Are My Options for Head Lice Treatments?

So you just discovered your child has head lice? Or maybe you have been dealing with the problem for a few weeks and can’t seem to get rid of it! Every parent who has dealt with a head lice outbreak can understand that sometimes you are just overwhelmed! Lice Clinics of America is your source for all things head lice. 

We are often asked which treatment options are the best and how long will they take to work. Let us break down the most common ways to treat head lice and the pros and cons of each.


Treatment Option #1 The AirAllé Device

The AirAllé device, an FDA medically cleared treatment, delivers the quickest results of any product available. This procedure takes under 90-minutes to complete in the clinic and is over 99% effective at killing head lice and their eggs in a single application. Dehydration is used to thoroughly eliminate all head lice and any traces of their eggs. Because of this, you will not have a recurring problem in 7-9 days as with other remedies that will leave eggs that have the opportunity to hatch.

Pros: If you are just ready to be done with head lice, this is a quick and recommended solution. Many parents rely on this method to help eliminate head lice once and for all. Don’t want to deal with weeks of shampoos and nitpicking? This option can give you the peace of mind that your head lice problem is taken care of.

Cons: The obvious problem would be that if your home or belongings are not thoroughly deep cleaned for all remnants of head lice or nits, reinfection is always possible. Take care to deep clean and properly eliminate all risks of head lice reinfecting anyone in your home.


Treatment Option #2 – At Home Treatment Kit

Lice Clinics of America also supply our clients with at home treatment kits that give you everything you need to safely and properly take care of the problem in your own home. These kits use shampoos that are effective at killing head lice and their nits. They provide nitpicking combs, application tools and easy to follow directions to help you handle the problem on your own.

Pros: Unlike other shampoos available from the drug store, these products are safe and effective. They give you the flexibility to use them on your own time when you need them.

Cons: We strongly suggest you only use the product as directed. Read instructions carefully, and make sure to reapply as directed to make certain that all head lice and nits are eliminated.


Treatment Option #3 – Over the Counter Shampoos and Home Remedies

A lot of people will tell you that they suffocate head lice with mayonnaise, or use essential oils to deter head lice from the scalp. While there may be a few people who have had luck with these methods, we see families all the time who have decided to try these remedies only to have weeks of stress, worry, and an even bigger head lice problem than they started with.

Pros: Cheap and done at your home.

Cons: Simply not effective at killing head lice and their eggs. The active ingredient in most over the counter shampoos, pyrethrin, just does not work any longer at killing head lice. Head lice have developed immunities to this product as a result of years of misuse by consumers. Home remedies are not scientifically proven to show any effectiveness against head lice or nits. Save yourself weeks of trouble and do not even try these solutions.


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