5 Tips For Positively Influencing Our Children


It’s up to us to raise happy, healthy and self-sufficient children. Here are 5 tips to get your children on the right track.

1. Let Your Children Fail

If we let our children fail, they’ll learn at a young age to get back up when they fall and solve their problems instead of dwelling on their mistakes and giving up. Failing is a necessary part of growing and growing is essential for success. It may be tempting to step in every time our children are struggling but sometimes letting them do their science project on their own or encouraging them to write their own speech will be beneficial in the long-run. Children will not benefit from having everything done for them.

2. Encourage Your Children To Read

Not only should we encourage our children to read but we should let them read what they want. We all have different genre preferences because everyone’s brain is different. Studies show that children who read excel academically, have a broader vocabulary and are more creative. If they are reading comic books, at least they are reading.

3. Teach Your Children To Think Of Others

We don’t want our children to grow up to be entitled and selfish. Encouraging our children to serve others on a daily basis helps to curb entitlement and be humble. Those who serve others are generally happier and more grateful than those who don’t.

4. Don’t Pay Your Kids For Doing Chores

Paying our kids for doing chores often teaches them that they deserve a reward for everything they do. This is a very unhealthy attitude for them to grow up with. If we pay them to clean their room they may not do anything else without getting a paid. Why would a child help you clean the kitchen for free when they can clean their room for $10?

5. Stick To A Scheduled Bedtime

Sticking to a set bedtime teaches structure and consistency. A study published in 2013 in the journal Pediatrics found that seven-year-olds who had irregular bedtimes had more behavioral problems than did those with consistent bedtimes.

It’s our job to teach our children and help them grow up to have a healthy mindset with the ability to solve problems. It’s not always easy but it’s worth it.

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