7 Summer Activities In Louisville, Kentucky


Kentucky has some wonderful activities and attractions to offer in the summer. Summer is all about having fun, forgetting about school and spending time with friends and family. Here are 7 ways you can have a blast with your family this summer.

  1. Kentucky Science Center

Young kids love the science center and it’s conveniently located in Louisville. It’s a great, air-conditioned place to spend all on those days that are just too hot to be outside. It’s filled with lots of interactive activities and exhibits that enable for your child to learn in a fun way. Not to mention that it can be fun for adults too. We can all have fun and learn something new. Check out their website to learn more.

  1. Louisville Slugger Museum

Do you have some sports fanatics in your household? The Louisville Sluggar has been an iconic part of Major League Baseball since 1884, when it was put in the hands of some of the greatest players that ever stepped into that diamond and the Louisville Slugger museum is a tribute to that infamous bat, those behind it, and the fact that baseball has changed so much since then. There are some neat and fun exhibits that you can see at the museum including holding some of the Louisville Slugger bats that were used in some pretty famous games — including Mickey Mantle, David Ortiz and Johnny Bench. Website: https://www.familydaysout.com/attractions-usa/louisville-slugger-museum

  1. Louisville Waterfront Park

Is your family the outdoorsy type? If so, you might love the 85-acre Waterfront Park conveniently located in Louisville. This is a great place to go for people of all ages. There are beautiful gardens to walk through, water features to enjoy, and lawn areas to picnic on. There’s a playground for kids and plenty land to play soccer and other fun activities. https://www.familydaysout.com/attractions-usa/louisville-waterfront-park

  1. Atlantis Waterpark

Sometimes it’s so hot outside that you just want to be in the water all day. Atlantis Waterpark is perfect for those blazing hot days. There’s a fun wave pool, plenty of water slides and an area specifically for young kids. Of course, there’s yummy food and a gift shop as well. Check out their website for prices.

  1. Louisville Zoo

It’s fun to go to a zoo every once in a while, and the Louisville one will not disappoint. The zoo is open year-round and is the home to over 1400 exotic animals. Do you love animals? The Zoo might be a perfect place to visit this summer.

  1. Whet Your Palette The Art House In Anchorage

Channel your inner artist at Whet Your Palette, a place that offers fun, relaxing and most importantly creative environment where you can create paintings with your personal touch. This allows kids to express themselves and to use their minds to create something beautiful.

  1. Puzzles Fun Dome

Puzzles Fun Dome is a great place for indoor play. It’s a great place to bring your kids when you want them to be active or if they are a little too active and you need a place to bring them. There’s plenty of activities for them. Check out all the activities on the website.

There are lots of fun things to do in Louisville, pick one and work your way through the list. Have a great summer!

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