Strain of ‘Super Lice’ Move Into Kentucky: Our AirAllé® Treatment Can Help

A 2016 article by confirms that a strain of super lice is present in our good state of Kentucky. Super lice are present in almost every state and they seem to be more normal than regular lice among head lice infestations now. Super lice are here and they are most likely here to stay. Who knows, maybe they will become even more super in 20 years. Luckily, our AirAllé® treatment will work against lice, no matter how super they are.

What Are Super Lice?

Super lice are resistant to almost all over-the-counter treatments and even medical prescriptions that are meant to kill regular lice. Many treatments that used to be 100% effective are now causing frustration among parents who find that they don’t work at all. Lice have mutated into stronger insects and have built a resistance to many chemicals. Parents often wish they would have come to our clinic in the first place instead of buying OTC lice treatments or trying home remedies or even going to their primary care doctor. We have a clinic to provide people a trustworthy place to go for lice treatment. It’s the only thing we treat so lice treatment is our main focus and we keep up with all the head lice research and findings out there.

Our AirAllé® Treatment

Our medically proven and FDA-clearedAirAllé® device is what sets our lice clinic apart from others. It’s a revolutionary and effective treatment that kills every kind of head lice. You’ve got super lice? No problem! We effectively treat head lice every day and provide answers to all kinds of head lice questions. We are head lice experts, so who better to trust? Our AirAllé® device doesn’t use pesticides or other chemicals, just controlled, heated air that works by dehydrating lice and their eggs. TheAirAllé® kills all stages of lice; the eggs, the nymphs and the adult lice

Our treatment pretty much rocks and we are proud to be your leader in lice removal. Trust us, and we’ll make sure you don’t regret it.

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