Kid-Friendly Fourth Of July Activity Ideas

Independence Day or the Fourth of July is next Tuesday and we hope you have some fun plans. What an exciting holiday. People commonly celebrate the Fourth of July by having parties, lighting fireworks or watching firework shows, wearing red, white and blue, hosting barbecues, eating hot dogs and enjoying the summer sun. posted an article about 9 fun Fourth of July activities for kids and here they are.

1. Create A Fourth Of July Wand

Here is a fun and easy one we found on Pinterest that you can do with your children:

2. Have Fun With Fireworks

Kids may be scared of fireworks at first but letting them hold a sparkler might be a magical experience for them and might turn into a fun tradition. suggests making the fireworks show memorable with guessing games. One suggestion is to ask each person in the family to guess how many red, white and blue fireworks there will be and keep a score sheet. The prize can be an extra sparkler or sugar cookie.

3. Hold A Fourth Of July Bike Parade

It might be fun to host a float for kids. Tell them to show off their personality by decorating their bike. Kids will think this is fun and cool and it can be a great way to bond with your children. Provide red, white and blue balloons, streamers, glitter and other decorations and let the kids be creative. Then stage a parade up and down the street for the kids to show off their masterpieces.

4. Prepare For A Fourth of July Party

It might be a good experience for the kids to feel helpful and involved, so if you’re planning to host a Fourth of July party, get your kids involved. Put them to work and have fun with it. Perhaps they can make patriotic napkin holders or decorate the lawn. Simple projects might keep them busy while you’re busy preparing other things. You can also take them to the grocery store with you to pick out food and desserts. You can make it fun by saying they can only pick things out that are red, white and blue.

5. Play Patriotic Games

This can definitely be a fun tradition. July is a perfect time t play outside games such as pool games, relay races, water balloon tosses (the teams can be Americans vs. the British), or a pie eating contest in the backyard for everyone.

6. Bake Red, White and Blue Treats

Sugar cookies scream fourth of July, along with apple pie. Teaching your kids how to bake is a fun tradition that they can bring into their own family someday. Baked good are also fun to decorate.

7. Make Balloon Fireworks

Fireworks are a big part of Fourth of July celebrations. provides a fun firework confetti balloon craft. It’s an indoor activity that’s creative, simple and will elicit giggles and squeaks from the youngest revelers. You’ll need balloons, confetti, a funnel and some sharpened pencils.

8. Learn About The Declaration of Independence Together

Make the Fourth of July a learning experience for your children. Teach them about what it is, who signed it and some important facts about the signers.

9. Create A Patriotic Wreath provides a craft for a fun and patriotic wreath. This can be fun for those who love crafts.

No matter what you do, we hope you have a great day and have a memorable time with your children. We hope you like some of these ideas for Fourth of July traditions.

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