AirAllé Device – An Innovative Head Lice Treatment Making a Positive Impact

Parents have been reluctant to trust well-known commercial products that treat head lice for decades, and for good reason.  Fears of negative reactions to the active ingredients found in such shampoos and applications have been prevalent. Irritations are common to the skin, nose, throat and eyes.  Even worse, permethrin, the active ingredient in the majority of these products has been proven to absorb into the skin as it is applied right onto the scalp. Because young children are most often likely to catch a case of head lice parents should be aware that their immune systems are not as capable of cleansing such toxins out of their bloodstream as adults. Experts are starting to agree, these chemical treatments often cause more harm than good.

Meet Dr. Dale Clayton – Evolutionary Parasitologist

Dr. Dale Clayton is currently a Professor of Biology at the University of Utah. He studied the effects of birds and their feather lice from various parts of the world for several years at Oxford University in England. In 1996, Dr. Clayton moved his studies to the University of Utah. It was here that his laboratory was presented a unique challenge. They had difficulty keeping the feather lice alive in such a dry, moisture less climate. After consulting with other biologists studying various insect cultures it was determined a steam system would be installed in the lab to keep it humid. The concept proved effect and Dr. Clayton and his team were able to keep healthy feather lice to observe.

Around this same time frame Dr. Clayton’s elementary school age children acquired a case of head lice. Using over the counter shampoos was not working well and he began to wonder if there was a better solution. Perhaps a solution that would use the same concept of desiccation that killed the feather feeding lice to kill the human head lice and their nits, or eggs.

He went to work developing theories from heated rice bags to fitted heated caps. Finally the AirAllé device was created and tested. It works by dehydrating lice and their eggs with a combined effort of heated air applied for a certain amount of time on each section of hair.

The Results Were Amazing

The clinical studies done on over 500 patients proved the value and quality of Dr. Clayton’s new machine. The results showed a safe, effective treatment method without the harsh pesticides that so many parents desired to avoid. The AirAllé® device has been FDA approved and is now being used in Lice Clinics of America all across the country to provide credible  lice removal treatment to hundred of thousand of patients. Lice Clinics of America can guarantee 99% effectiveness in removing lice and nits with a one time treatment. In fact, the proven chances of retreatment are less than 1%.

This revolutionary treatment could not have come at a better time as “super lice” are growing resistant to the permethrin based over the counter shampoos. Call the Louisville Lice Clinic to talk about the benefits of this treatment. We also offer head lice checks for your families or individuals to help alleviate concerns or reaffirm that you have a head lice problem.


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