Hairstyles Help Keep Your Little Girl Lice Free

Keeping hair up and tightly pulled back is a great way to help prevent lice. It is not full proof, but will go a long way in keeping hair up off of things where it could otherwise brush up against someone or something that is infected. Hair products, like hair sprays and gels, can sometimes help reduce the risk as well as they create a barrier against nits sticking or lice grasping onto hair strands. With a few easy steps here are some simple, yet stylish ways to pull back your little girl’s hair and potentially protect her from lice.

Crisscross Braids

Step #1 – Take a comb and divide hair down the middle vertically. Now take these two sections and divide them horizontally. You should be left with four even sections of hair.

Step #2- Take the two top sections and pull them into tight ponytails. Dampen hair and spray with hairspray to keep in place. Once you have two ponytails, braid each section and use a clip to keep the braid from unwinding.

Step #3 –  Now take the two bottom sections of hair and pull them into two separate ponytails. You should have two braids on top and two ponytails on the bottom.

Step #4 – Take the braid on the top, right side and pull it down to the left, bottom ponytail. Secure with an elastic.

Step #5 – Take the braid on the top, left side and pull it down into the right, bottom ponytail. Secure with an elastic. Now your crisscross braid should be secure and can be finished off by braiding it all the way down on both sides and adding a bow, or pulling into a messy bun on each side.  


Messy Bun

Step #1 – You start a messy bun by pulling hair up into a high ponytail. Get the ponytail up as high on the top of her head as you can. It helps to dampen hair and lightly spray with hairspray to keep hair from falling out of place.

Step #2 – Next, twist the ponytail into a loose bun by wrapping it around in a circular motion, like a cinnamon roll. Secure it into place with a hair tie and add bobby pins to pull down sections and keep tight.

Step #3 – Pull strands to loosen them and tease hair to make it look messy and add depth. Spray lightly with hair spray, we like Got2be products, to keep in place.

Tip –  If you’re daughter is little it looks even cuter to do two ponytails with messy buns. Add a couple of hairbows and she will look adorable.

Two Messy Buns

Two Messy Buns









Classic Side Ponytail  

Step #1 – You can’t go wrong with a quick and classy side ponytail. Make sure hair is damp and spray with some hairspray to keep it in place. Using a bristle brush gather up hair on the side of head and stroke with brush upward to create even and smooth strokes. You can pull it up high onto the head, or lower near the neckline depending on where you’d like the ponytail to fall.

Step #2 –  Secure with a hair tie. Add a cute bow or pull hair up into a messy bun to make it look modern and girly.

Sweet Side Ponytail

Sweet Side Ponytail


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