Head Lice Keep Coming Back?

How many bouts of head lice have been popping up at your house? Some parents we work with have admitted to five or six recurring problems with head lice before they finally sought out professional help. Do not put yourself through the stress! There are several reasons why head lice could be a recurring problem. They can be extremely difficult to be rid of on your own. Here are a few reasons why:


-Nitpicking is a grueling process. In order for head lice to truly be eliminated, every active adult louse and every single nit or lice egg must be removed from the scalp. Nitpicking is a process in which strands of hair are sifted through carefully to identify and remove any lice or nits. This process is tedious, difficult, and almost impossible to do without leaving any traces behind. If you are counting on the nitpicking process alone to rid your loved one of lice, you might want to find a backup method as well.

-All members of your family may need to be treated. Sometimes parents can overlook the fact that children are highly likely to pass along head lice to others in their household. If you haven’t had every member of your family checked you may not be eliminating the problem. We offer head lice checks at our local clinic if you are unsure what to look for.

-Over the counter lice shampoo is not effective. Over the years head lice have started to develop strong immunities to the active ingredient in the mainstream over the counter head lice shampoo. Pyrethrin is not only no longer killing head lice but it never even claimed to kill nits or lice eggs. Without eliminating the nits entirely, you will have a new generation of lice hatching every 7-9 days. The other alarming fact about pyrethrin is that according to the National Pesticide Information Center it can be harmful if used too often or improperly. Children have suffered burns, inhalation problems, and even blurry vision.

-Home remedies just won’t cut it. We commend anyone for wanting to save a little money or use healthy, natural products. However, when it comes to head lice home remedies just don’t work. Mayonnaise, essential oils, vaseline, and any other products listed online that bloggers may suggest are simply not proven methods to rid you of head lice or nits. We also do NOT recommend ever putting plastic wrap or kerosene on your child’s head. That can be dangerous or harmful.


What should you do now?

In order to assure that you are done with head lice, contact Lice Clinics of America today. We have a professional staff of head lice experts who know the ins and outs of how to eliminate head lice once and for all. We recommend the AirAllé® device which offers over a 99% guarantee that one procedure will cure your head lice problem. Call us today with any questions or concerns that we can help you with and be done with head lice!


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