What Should I Expect at a Lice Clinic?

What is a Lice Clinic?

In the world we live in today home remedy solution and over the counter products for head lice treatments are becoming a thing of the past. No longer are these proving to help in the fight against head lice. Many parents will struggle for weeks at a time and finally realize, they just need some help really getting rid of their head lice problem.

In comes Lice Clinics of America – we offer real solutions to your head lice headache. Not only are the treatments we provide effective, but in the long will prove much more affordable and save you one of your most valuable resources, your time! We offer a professional diagnosis, a calm and reassuring environment and a clean and safe approach to helping you be rid of head lice.


Professional Staff Is Knowledgeable and Helpful

We know that this situation can cause high stress and frustration. We did not get into the head lice business because we enjoy head lice. We do this because we love helping people and their families resolve this difficult problem! We are here for you! Our staff is concerned with only one thing – making your experience a positive one. We will listen to your concerns, answer any questions you may have and work together as a team to determine which treatment solutions will be most advantageous for your scenario.

Our team has treated thousands of people for head lice. We have dealt with many different scenarios and have learned the ins and outs of what works for head lice elimination and prevention. With that said, we know this is an individual problem and there are individual solutions for each family. We will listen and talk you through the process, make sure you understand the approach and give you a treatment solution you can trust.


What Makes Lice Clinics of America Different?

With this new breed of super lice causing a stir in nations across the world, why is Lice Clinics of America any different from all the other clinics opening up around the globe? It is true that many different lice clinics are open for business in places such as Spain, Denmark, England, Australia and other countries like the US. Our treatment stands out above the rest because of the latest and greatest technology we offer clients. Our expert staff will thoroughly explain the process of the AirAllé® system that has been introduced by Lice Clinics of America and endorsed throughout the US as a leader in state of the art head lice treatment.  This is an FDA-cleared medical device that has forever turned the tables in the fight against head lice.


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