Is Treatment Really Necessary To Get Rid of Head Lice?

You are not alone if the thought has ever occurred to you that maybe head lice will just go away on their own. Many people wonder why won’t the bugs just die off? Is treatment really necessary?

Answer: YES!

Head lice is not an illness or problem that will fix itself. There are many important factors as to why it needs to be treated quickly and effectively.


Head Lice Are Easily Transferred

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 6-12 million children in the United States will have a case of head lice this year alone. Most children who catch head lice are between the ages of 3 and 10. Recently a rise in young teens are contracting head lice because of the way they use hand-held devices and technology. Head lice are transferred most commonly through direct head-to-head contact. As children use their phones or take selfies they are catching head lice more often.

Anyone who lives in a household with smaller children or children who attend public schools is also at a much higher risk of catching head lice than other adults. For this reason, it is extremely important to make sure every member of the household is screened for head lice. If you do not chances are someone else has it as well and the problem will just be passed on again.


Understand the Life Cycle of Head Lice

Head lice have a life cycle that lasts 30 days. A female will find a human host and begin laying eggs up to 10 nits per day. Those eggs will hatch in 7 to 9 days. After a two-week maturing time those females will then begin laying 10 eggs per day. It is easy to see how the problem can escalate quickly as initial symptoms do not usually show up for 2 to 3 weeks. In that amount of time, many new female lice could be laying eggs on the scalp. This is another main reason why head lice will not just die off on their own. The new nits will hatch and a whole new life cycle will begin.


Head Lice Are Not Eliminated With Home Remedies and Hygiene

According to MedicoRx home remedies such as trying to suffocate the head lice with mayonnaise are not effective because of their ability to hold their breath for up to 8 hours. These processes will also not eliminate the nits that are waiting to hatch. The fact that head lice are able to hold their breath for so long means they’re also not killed from normal shampoo and washing hair.

Over-the-counter products that promise to kill head lice are also not as effective. Super lice are showing strong immunity to these products that have been abused over the last several generations.


Nitpicking is an Ineffective Way to Defeat Head Lice

When a child is infected with head lice it can be very difficult to pick through the hair strands and remove every nit or louse that is on the scalp. Dandruff or dry skin can be tricky to decipher between a nit. Adult head lice also quickly scurry away from direct sunlight and can avoid being seen.

Nitpicking is encouraged for parents to continue making sure children are lice free after the problem has been eliminated, but it is not an effective means of eliminating the problem initially. Special nitpicking combs can be purchased at our clinic that make the process easier. Our professional staff can also show you some tips and tricks after the head lice are gone to check your child’s head scalp often and make sure the head lice have not returned.


Why Come to a Lice Clinic?

Lice Clinics of America have helped hundreds of thousands of people get rid of their head lice problem. We are the professionals when it comes to head lice removal. Our staff understands the treatments that work against super lice and the most effective way to make sure the problem is gone for good. Call our offices today to schedule your head lice checks. We are your best resource in the fight against head lice!


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