Spice Up the Fun for Kids This Thanksgiving

Holidays are time for family and memories. This Thanksgiving make things extra special for the children with a few of these new, and creative ideas to spice up their holiday fun.


Thanksgiving Books to Add That Special Touch

Turkey Trouble, by Wendi Silvano and Illustrated by Lee Harper

Wendi Silvano delivers an entertaining story about how turkey must disguise himself to avoid ending up on the Thanksgiving dinner table. This hilarious book will have children laughing and enjoying the spirit of the season as they cheer along turkey in his cunning plan to not be recognized.

Illustrator Lee Harper adds so much depth with his beautiful watercolor art making this book even more enjoyable for all who read it. Take the time to share it with your children, nieces, nephews or grandchildren this Thanksgiving week.


Llama Llama Give Thanks, by Anna Dewdney

Anna Dewdney was known for her Llama Llama series of children’s book that many have grown to love. This edition touches on Thanksgiving and finding joy in all of the blessings that surround us from wonderful food to nature to loving family. Llama takes this fun journey while celebrating Thanksgiving with his family and helps your child learn to show appreciation in their life as well.

This is the final book Anna Dewdney completed before she passed away in 2016. Her heartwarming tale of gratitude and expressing thanks for blessings is sure to please your little ones this holiday.


Create a Memorable Table for the Kids

Showing Gratitude with a Thankful Tree Centerpiece

1- Take children outside in search for limbs or small tree branches on the ground. Clean them off and spray paint the tips any color you like, gold, silver, red, white or with glitter. Arrange the limbs in a mason jar or vase so that they look like a tree. Place as a centerpiece on the kid’s table.

2- Place tags, they can be plain or shaped like leaves, in a bowl on the kid’s table. Give them coloring utensils to write the different things they are grateful for on each leaf. They can draw pictures or write the items depending on skill level.

3- Before children eat Thanksgiving dinner, have them express the things they wrote about and why they chose to show gratitude for those things and hang them on the tree for decoration.


Fun, Decorative Table Cloth

1- From the dollar store, local grocery store or online purchase a roll of plain packaging paper in white or brown. Roll it out on the kid’s dining table as a cover and tape down edges to secure.

2- Place different markers, coloring pencils or crayons around the table for children to choose from. Have them decorate the tablecloth with images or artwork displaying what they feel grateful for today.

3- Before serving their plates, take the time to let them show off their work! This is a great way to keep children occupied for a while, working together and pondering about the things they love and appreciate. It also promotes creativity and allows them to share what they feel. 

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