Lice Are No Fun But No Need To Cry And Run


Head lice, head lice are no fun

They make you want to cry and run


Itching and scratching, they are hard to spot

They appear as a small, sesame seed-sized dot


Do not panic and have no fear

NitWits lice treatment is gladly here


We advise against using lice treatments from the store

They’ll be ineffective and cause you to panic more


Our lice treatments are effective, safe and fast

Just ask the relieved patients who we’ve treated in the past


We are experts and know all the facts of lice

Our treatments are top-of-the-line and come at a good price


We know that super lice are here to stay

So, we’ve got a lice treatment that makes them go away


It’s revolutionary and FDA-cleared

Our AirAllé® device will make sure they are disappeared


Your kids are precious and chemicals are bad news

Most home remedies are a lose-lose


We have the best treatment on the market of lice

It’ll be gone and you won’t need the treatment twice


Our technicians are friendly and our environment is fun

When it comes to killing lice, we get the job done


When you need effective lice treatment, give us a to call

We have the best treatment and we’re always on the ball



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