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Mount Washington

Mount Washington Has A Cool History

Howdy, Mount Washington locals! If you have young children in elementary school then you may want to know about your head lice resources, just about a half hour from Mount Washington. Mount Washington is a growing city in Bullitt County, Kentucky. Interestingly, Mount Washington is located at what was once the crossroads of two stagecoach routes, giving it its original name, The Cross Roads. It was established in 1822 as Mount Vernon, after George Washington’s Virginia home. At this time in history, the settlement housed about 700 people and had three churches, two schools, six stores, five doctors, two taverns, and twelve mechanical trades. At the time of its (first) formal incorporation as a city in 1833, the town’s name was changed to “Mount Washington”, again in honor of the first U.S. president, George Washington. What amazing history all around us in Mount Washington. The population of Mount Washington is now an estimated 9,117 and growing.

Local Lice Clinic in Mount Washington

With lots of families in the area, it’s important to know a little bit about our head lice clinic located in Louisville, Kentucky, about 25 miles from Mount Washington. Head lice are not often something parents think about until they have faced it themselves. Parents tend not to think about lice treatment until they need it. We encourage you to think about head lice now to be prepared in case of an outbreak at your child’s school. Be educated on your local lice resources. If you live in Mount Washington, we are your local head lice clinic and that may be good to know for future reference. When you’re in a panic after discovering a head louse, it’s a good precautionary measure to have a phone number in your contacts. We deal with parents and children every day and they always leave our clinic relieved, at ease and lice-free. Although located in Louisville, we treat people from Mount Washington all the time because there is no lice clinic around with our revoutionary methods.

Don’t Use Head Lice Treatments From The store

The most frustrating thing about the head lice process can be using a lice treatment that doesn’t wind up working. Using lice treatments can be expensive and time-consuming so you want to make sure to use one that is effective. It’s easy to see a lice treatment at a drug store in your time of panic and automatically trust that it will work but take our advice. Store bought lice treatments don’t work in this day and age of super lice and we would hate for you to find that out the hard way. If you live in the Mount Washington area, we have a unique and medically proven, FDA-cleared device that kills lice and their eggs through dehydration. The cool thing about our AirAllé lice treatment is that it effectively kills lice using only controlled, heated air. We follow with a comb out and topical rinse to ensure all those lice and eggs are gone for good. This head lice treatment is revolutionary, safe and proven to work. It cannot be found anywhere outside of the Lice clinics of America network.

So, Mount Washington parents, put our Louisville clinic phone number in your contacts and call us in the case of a head lice emergency!



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