Selfies Spread Head Lice


School is in session and our kiddos are busy with homework, sports, and extracurricular activities. They’ll be around lots of friends, classmates and other kids. This is when we start to worry about head lice and educate as many families as possible. Head lice are spread most commonly through direct, head-to-head contact and in the last couple years, we’ve been concerned about a new common way to spread lice, through selfies.

How Selfies Spread Head Lice

Recently, scientists studied over 200 kids and found that those owning smartphones or tablets were more than twice as likely to have head lice as those without devices. The increase in lice infestations is a result of children taking selfies on their phones and bumping head in the process. It gives lice a perfect opportunity to move from head to head.

Selfies have also led head lice infestations to increase in older children as well, making lice a bit more common in middle school and high school than in past years. This suggests that an increased usage of the smart devices strongly correlates with an increased rate of head lice incidents. Older children may take selfies with younger children, leading to lice spreading to children of every age. This creates a domino effect as children continue to take selfies with their friends.

Super Lice

Although lice spread more rapidly than ever before, they are harder than ever to get rid of. Lice have evolved into super lice, making them super strong and resistant. Store-bought lice treatments are ineffective at best and harmful at worst because of their harsh chemicals and pesticides.

Our Solution

Ultimately, our high quality, non-toxic, head lice treatments are the optimal solution to head lice treatment. Our treatments are highly effective and we have the studies to prove it. Even better, they are completely safe and pesticide-free so you won’t have to worry about exposing your children to anything damaging.

Our high-quality head lice treatments are environmentally friendly and provide a safe and effective solution for preventing and eliminating head lice.

When choosing a head lice treatment, it’s of high importance to choose one that is safe for your children and will also eradicate the lice in just one session. Our treatment provides both.

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