Super Lice Are Taking Over

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The word “super” usually has a positive connotation. When your child’s teacher says your son or daughter is a superstar in class, you feel proud. When your children work super hard on their homework, rewarding results follow. Superman is famous for being a hero. Well, that is not the case when it comes to super lice. Hearing that word doesn’t evoke emotions of joy in any way. Super lice are not super for a good reason and they carry quite a negative connotation. Their name comes from the fact that they are super resistant to many pesticides and chemicals used in over-the-counter head treatments, which has caused frustration in many parents. Wait, lice treatments at the store don’t work? Unfortunately and surprisingly, that is true.

Study Of Super Lice

In 2016, the Journal of Medical Entomology at Oxford University conducted a study on super lice. The study found that 42 out of 48 states tested were overrun by super lice and according to the Today Show on NBC, 100 percent of the lice that were tested were resistant to common, over-the-counter treatments. In six other states tested including, New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Oregon, New Mexico and North Dakota — some, but not 100 percent of the lice tested were resistant to over-the-counter treatments. Alaska and West Virginia were not a part of the study. The startling data in this study shows that over-the-counter lice treatments fail more than they succeed. Many parents are unaware of this.

Evolution Of Head Lice 

So, why are lice suddenly resistant to treatments that once worked perfectly fine? Well, it comes down to evolution. Lice have mutated and evolved to become stronger and more resistant, much like animals evolve to survive in their environments. This makes treating lice trickier than ever before. The chemicals and pesticides in lice shampoos such as Rid or Nix usually don’t kill lice in this day and age because lice can survive in them.

So, How Do We Do it at Nit Wits?

We are proud to say that we have the best lice treatment on the market. Our AirAllé®  treatment is a device that uses controlled heated air to dehydrate lice and their nasty little eggs. It kills super lice just as easily as it kills regular lice, bringing an effective lice solution to the market. The cool thing about this treatment is that it doesn’t use any harmful chemicals and it is completely safe for children. Parents don’t have to worry about their little ones being put at risk because our treatments were created to be a safe and effective alternative to harmful and ineffective treatments.

Super lice really suck. We treat tons of families who were unsuccessful at treating lice themselves. We can see the devastation in parents eyes every day after their shampoo treatment from the store did not do the trick. We want to educate as many parents as possible about head lice so that you don’t spend your money on products that just don’t work anymore. Before using a head lice remedy, do some research and feel free to give us a call with any lice questions at all.

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